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Attic Insulation

Professional Attic Insulation Services

The best homes are those that take the worries of life off your shoulders and leave you with more time to enjoy it. Attic insulation is key for this, it helps reduce energy consumption, which in turn makes your home much more comfortable throughout every season. If you have an appropriately insulated house already then congratulations! But if not, our attic professionals can audit your home’s insulation levels and determine if additional measures need to be put into place before the heating season starts again!

Insulation degrades over time, increasing the wear and tear on your A/C and heater. Our insulation helps your home stand up to heat and cold, lowering your heating and cooling costs. It can be installed on top of existing insulation or on its own. Also, it could qualify you for eligible state tax credits or possible utility company rebates.

Some Benefits of our Attic Insulation Services:

  • Variety of attic insulation materials: spray foam, cellulose and the insulation board.
  • Expert installation by certified energy experts.
  • Free insulation inspections & estimates.
  • Blower door tests to identify air leaks.
  • Improve home comfort and reduce heating & cooling costs by as much as 40 percent.

Using only The Best Insulation Materials for Attics

Fiberglas Insulation

Fiberglass is an affordable insulation choice with its low installation cost. Along with being the most cost-effective attic insulation, fiberglas has excellent thermal performance and sound dampening qualities as well!

Cellulose Insulation

If you are looking for eco-friendly, non-toxic insulation material made from recycled newspaper that is treated for fire and mold resistance then Cellulose could be the perfect option. It can either be installed in loose form or densely packed into cavities to minimize air leakage. For customers who do not have use of their attic space we install blown cellulose along the floor boards where it will provide superior sound proofing adjacent to a settling area . If on the other hand your preference is more living space there may still be an opportunity as Cellulose dense packs very well under floors and rafters providing both excellent insulating properties while accommodating ceiling height restrictions.

Spray Foam Insulation

Cellulose is the best insulation material for your attic, but before installing it in any areas of your home there are a few steps we take to make sure you’re getting maximum results. We first cover all cracks and gaps with spray foam so that air can’t escape. This step helps improve efficiency by preventing ice dams from forming on top of your roof which could lead to costly repairs down the line!

At Green Attic and Construction, we’re committed to helping you save money on your monthly bills. We bring decades of experience and expertise in the area of home energy efficiency evaluations so that when you call us for our free assessment, we can find out just where those costs may be going, before they go up any higher!