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Addition & New Construction

Addition & New Construction

Green Attic & Construction Inc. is a well-respected name in the construction industry. Our success formula relies on three key components: attention to detail, customer service, and quality. We guarantee our clients’ complete satisfaction with their Addition and New Construction project.

New Construction

We design and build custom homes tailored to your specifications and budget. We’re able to provide you with the best new construction service in our community and work on redeveloping current properties, so these can meet new standards of living. There’s nothing more satisfying than designing a home that will suit each client’s needs while also meeting their specific aesthetic preferences, all within budget constraints and at an affordable price point too!

Our proven process encompasses all phases of the custom build process, beginning with initial concepts and continuing through to the final finishing touches. As seasoned experts in residential new constructions, we have the experience and resources necessary to address our client base’s diverse styles and expectations. With years of experience in the construction field, we have found that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize your new construction project from start to finish for a more personal and fulfilling customer journey every step of the way.


Green Attic & Construction Inc. can add value and functionality to your home by making the addition, bump up, or dormer expansion looks like it’s been part of your home since its original construction. A home addition project is a big decision that will enhance space and increase your property’s value.

We are proud to create more than just new homes for homeowners. With over ten years of experience in construction, we have made additions and entire home renovations that solve any problems and exceed any expectations you might be having with your current space. Whether it’s a second-story addition or an expansion on the floor plan, Green Attic & Construction Inc. can tailor their unique designs to give you precisely what you want out of your house! Browse some examples today, so we know how best suits all of our future clients’ needs!